Texture - the direct contact

The actual synrock material has a great "built-in" texture to it. The "built-in" texture of plastic is non-existent.

Feel the back of a plastic hold and you will know what I am talking about. It feels like plastic (imagine that).

Synrock has layers and layers of texture depending on which scale you view it. It's fractal, like the shape of a "rocky" coast line.

Magnify the surface view of most plastic holds and you will eventually see a smooth surface with knife-like edges sticking up (the texture of foam). Just like a mini cheese grater. Not a pleasant source of friction for your skin.

Not only is our hold texture amazing comfortable like the finest sandstone (which it is), you can change the texture to make your hold rougher or smoother.

You can make any part of the hold as rough or as smooth as you want. Acid etch your holds to increase the texture by exposing sand grains. Use diamond sandpaper on any part of a hold to make it smooth (yet still with good friction.)