What in the world is Synrock?

The big question. After spending five years developing this stuff I'm not going to say anything more specific than to say it is a chemically bonded ceramic. An artificial rock "created" in a mold to exist in a cool climbing shape.

In essence, synrock is rock, made artificially. Geochemists who study low-temperature hydrothermal reactions can even give official sounding classifications to the minerals created. I won't go into that as the terms are mostly unpronounceable gibberish.

What's cool from a climbing standpoint is that when acid etched, synrock becomes, in essence, sandstone. The surface consists of sand grains cemented together by the synrock matrix. You're fingers can't tell the difference.

The analogy is as follows. Plastic is to synrock, as a plastic toy diamond is to a real diamond made artificially. An acid-etched piece of synrock will fool most people and even some geologists into thinking it's actual sandstone.

"sandstone texturing so real you'd swear you were at Colorado's Horsetooth Reservoir" - Climbing Magazine, Sept 15, 2001.