We're not much different genetically from our cousins the chimps. Those hairy bastards climb like crazy and they don't train one bit. However, they do something we don't. They climb all the time. They climb like we walk - they don't even realize they are doing it. That's the goal of the simian training philosophy. MAKE CLIMBING SECOND NATURE.
Climb all the time? Well, I never said this program was for the physically lazy. If you are that lazy you don't rock climb to begin with. You bowl. The simian training philosophy is for the mentally lazy. People who don't like the thought of specific exercises X times a day. That's work. You have to give a chimp lots of bananas for that sort of behavior. The key is to train without thinking about it. Give the body a chance to climb all the time. To revert back to chimp mode.
"I won't train unless you give me lots of bananas."
Of course, climbing all the time will only work if there is something around to climb on....
You're in a house, chilling, having a conversation, and the next thing you know those fingers automatically curl over the top of the nearest door sill. Except that the door sill is just a dusty, dirty piece of wood. Not really comfortable.

The body wants to climb. Why not give it something much better than a door sill? The only affordable solution is the MODBOARD.

You can put these everywhere. A scrap of plywood, a few screw on holds, and you gain hours of monkey time for perhaps the cost of a few pizzas.

Put your modboards where you spend your time. If you don't have anything to do, you will end up using it out of boredom. If you have too much to do, you will end up using it to relieve stress. Either way, you are on your way to monkey climbing ability.
And climbing all the time will only work if your body parts (like hands) have a good time.....
Chimps aren't stupid. They won't keep doing something that's uncomfortable. Take the typical climbing wall in your garage or basement. How much time do you actually spend hanging around on those holds? You try this problem and that, and then what? What if your holds were so comfortable and positive and just delicious to hang from that the body stays, lingers, starts flowing around under your overhanging wall because it likes it and doesn't want to stop. That's the reason we made synrock buckets. The most comfortable holds on the planet.
I don't want to climb on stupid uncomfortable pieces of plastic