Synrock Screw-ons - the best value on the planet!
Synrock screw-on holds are attached with ordinary drywall screws.

Can precisely place hold anywhere on wall or any other flat wooden surface. T-nuts aren't needed. Screw them on to roof joists, wooden balconies, car port roofs, under wooden stairs. Can be placed side by side to create pinches or unique matching holds for hands and feet. Place on opposite edges of aretes and corners to create pinches.

We do not supply the drywall screws with the holds - suggest you purchase #6 drywall screws as these work best with synrock ceramic.

FLAT RATE BOX DEALS - EACH set below JUST FITS into a large USPS flat rate box for cheap $17 shipping anywhere in the US. Carabiner in the photos for scale are 4 inches long.

200+ SUPER SET - $125 - Feet, crimps, incuts, slopers and pockets. Perfect for vertical to slightly overhanging walls.
100 hold DUAL TEX SET - $99 - Very technical set - dual texture forces you to use the designed feature. The most realistic feet, crimps, edges and pockets of any climbing hold period. Vertical to slightly overhanging.
57 hold LARGE INCUT SET - $65 - Very incut pinches and pockets for steep walls or beginning climbers.
60 hold LARGE VERTICAL SET - $65 - Larger holds designed for vertical to slightly overhanging walls.
22 LARGE POCKET SET - $72 - Large screw-on features to provide realistic pockets. Great for vertical to mildly overhanging walls.
20 Large RAIL SET - $72 - Super realistic low profile rails and slopers
10 ROOF SCREW-ON SET - $69 - Super incuts and handlebars when you want the most positive holds possible. Great for roofs or finishing jugs or downclimbs or beginners.
8 CRACK PILL SET - $59 - Giant pill-shaped cracks of various widths and depths. Very realistic climbing as the sides are no texture smooth so the crack is all you get.