Climbing wall tech - climbing holds
Climbing holds are the part of the climbing wall that the climber's hands and feet come in direct contact with. Artificial climbing walls provide realistic climbing because you don't have to duplicate an entire cliff - just the bits your hands and feet use. Holds on a climbing wall can be grouped into two categories: permanant holds such as glued-on rocks or drilled pockets, and modular holds which can be moved about the wall at will.

A modular hold system is prefferable as you can constantly change your wall around and create climbs of any difficulty. However, there are some advandages to permenant holds. Walls with permenant holds are fairly inexpensive, and you don't have to worry about people stealing your holds if your wall is outdoors.

Permanent or Fixed holds
Drilled pockets
Glue-on holds
Moveable or modular holds
Extensive modular hold beta
Materials, Attachment, Shape, Sex Make your own modular holds