Sets E,F,G >>>
3 holds per set

$14 per set. Ship wt. 3 lbs per set.

Our 3-inch insets are amazing. Three inches is plenty wide enough for deep 2-finger pockets and even moderately incut 3-finger pockets. The back of these holds make up the core of our inset FOOTHOLDS. For bolt-on holds and even small screw-on chips, the feet are always unrealistic because you can rotate your feet on the hold as you move to a different position. Outside climbing isn't like this. Our inset footholds require you to work to keep your feet on the hold as you change body postion through climbing. The difference between bolt-on and inset is amazing. People who are used to outdoor climbing can adjust to this system and love the realistic climbing. If you have only climbed in the gym this system will be a shock the first time you climb on it.
Sets E,F,G >>>