Create your own HANGBOARD by easily screwing componant edges and pockets onto a piece of plywood. Build a better, customized hangboard for less money than you'd spend on a single piece board. A hangboard is just a series of different sized edges, pockets, and slopers. Why not sell these components separately so you get a CHOICE as to where you want them mounted. Most hangboards get placed above a doorway. A lot of horizontal space there is wasted because one-piece hangboards aren't that wide.
11 Piece screw-on hangboard set - $49 - Fits in Large flat rate box at $17 shipping
Below shows side view of 11 piece hangboard set
Campus rungs - Synrock is so much better than plastic for campus rungs it isn't funny. Cool to touch and way more comfortable.
10 medium campus rung set - $79 - 1.5" by 13" long. These fit in a medium flat rate box for $13 shipping. One side slightly more incut.
6 Fat campus rung set - $69 - 2" by 12" long. Fits in a large flat rate box for $17 shipping. One side more incut.
Synrock wrecking balls - available in 7 sizes from 3" to 6" in half inch sizes. The reason for 1/2 sizes is that a very small size change results in a very different experience.

USE - there are several ways to use balls. Pull ups - use a pair of balls shoulder width apart for pull ups. If you increase the distance the balls are apart it greatly increases the difficulty. It is recommended you hang them from about 1 foot of webbing so the balls are easy to move and rotate as you pull up.

As a hold on a steep wall - on a 30 degree or steeper wall clip a ball with a quick draw to a bolt hanger to make a suspended in space hold for cool moves.

Ceiling traversing - use a line or circle of balls suspended from a ceiling to make a swinging ape-like trapeze workout.

Workout and warm up weights. Palm a ball for reverse curls or shoulder lifts. You can connect balls together to create custom weights.

I ship these in medium flat rate boxes at $13 shipping. I generally sell them as pairs of pairs and a MFRB will fit two 6 inch and two 3 inch balls - or two 5.5 and two 3.5 inch balls - or two 5 and two 4 inch balls. Any of these combinations sell for $65 a box which makes them way cheaper than plastic balls.
If you are going to put a piece of plywood above a door to mount a hangboard, why not put up the biggest piece of plywood that will fit to make yourself a really big hangboard. Much more versatile for training.
Screw-on hangboard componants together with bolt-on giant slopers makes for a fun, versatile workout wall. You can mount componants symmetrically as shown above or staggered (below). A staggard arrangement lets you use different matched Left - Right holds the same width apart.


Ship wt. 29 lbs.

Click the photo for minicrag info and photos.
Synrock mini-crag. Three piece, bolt-on, rotateable, adjustable. A modular hangboard setup is a good place to mount these.