Synrock Screw-ons Overview page -

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Screw-on pocket sets

$19 each set (7 holds)

Screw-on incut crimp set

12 holds - $24

Synrock screw-on holds are attached with ordinary drywall screws. Advantages:

Can precisely place hold anywhere on wall or any other flat wooden surface. T-nuts aren't needed. Screw them on to roof joists, wooden balconies, car port roofs, under wooden stairs.

Can be placed side by side to create pinches or unique matching holds for hands and feet.

Great placed on edges of aretes and corners to create pinches.

Note: Synrock Screw-on are usually provided with more screw-on holes than needed to attach hold. Two screws are usually enough.

Screw-on rail set

7 holds - $14

Screw-on sloper set

7 holds - $14

All screw-ons pictured above (40 holds) - $79
Screw-on feature set

4 holds - $29

Unusual features to spice up your wall.

Mod-board componant screw-ons

Create your own hangboard by easily screwing componant edges and pockets onto a piece of plywood. Build a better, customized hangboard for less money than you'd spend on a single piece board.

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