Synrock Roof Sets - $35 Set

Very incut jugs that work on very overhanging walls and under roofs. The shapes are versatile enough for any angle wall. Very popular for roofs because they are super positive and very comfortable. The steeper the wall, the more weight on your hands. Synrock roof holds provide the comfort needed to spend simian training time hanging under your roof.

FIVE holds to a set.

One set (5 holds - $35) will fit into a SMALL Priority Mail Flat Rate Box - $10 ship.

Two sets (10 holds - $65) will fit into a LARGE Priority Mail Flat Rate Box - $15 ship.

Four sets (20 holds - $115) fit in 2 Large FRB - $30 ship.

Giant Roof Hold $29 - Fits in Small FRB
This is perhaps the world's biggest roof jug - big enough to stick an arm through. Important note: Use only on low bouldering walls. Because of leverage, do not place excessive weight on the small tip since t-nut extraction is possible! This situation is rare but can occur by grabbing the tip during extreme lunging manuvers by heavy individuals. Play it safe, keep this hold low on your wall.