Infinite Shapes - Synrock introduces Mold Morphing Technology.

Why didn't anyone else think of this? A hold gets it's shape from the mold. By using a pliable mold where you can push or pull the sides in or out, you get a hold with a very different shape. A sloper becomes a pinch, and then becomes a jug - if you just keep squeezing the sides in more. INFINITE SHAPES. Seriously. You could order hundreds of these and each would be a unique fun shape.

The holds listed below are just $59 for ALL THE HOLDS THAT WILL FIT in a Large Flat Rate Box. Order by set or I can mix them up if you want, the hold count per box is given.

Morphed Cobbles -

Squeeze in two sides of a cobble and it becomes a pinch. Morphed cobbles are some of the coolest pinches around. You can specify more incut if you want them to be jugs or for steep walls.

14-15 will fit into a Large FRB.

Moon Units -

Designed for morphing. Big round slopers with added small crimpy-squeezy raised circles. The circles can create grips large or small.

Amazing variety - these are fun to climb on. Your fingers will love the search to find the best placements on these complex shapes.

8-10 will fit into a Large FRB.

Super Jugs -

Morph a jug and it becomes a more incut jug.

10-12 will fit into a Large FRB.

Dual bolt/screw Sloper -pinches.

Simple wide-pinch sloper shapes. You can screw these onto places that don't have t-nuts. These are perfect to make roof climbs out of those 2x8 basement ceiling joists.

10-12 will fit into a Large FRB.

Morphed Sloper-jugs.

Lots of variety on these shapes. Pinches and two-handed jugs with that perfect super comfortable radius. These are way fun to climb on.

10 will fit into a Large FRB.

(More) Morphed Sloper-jugs.

I could fill up dozens of web pages with photos of these as the variety is truely infinite. Great for moderatly overhanging walls.

10 will fit into a Large FRB.