Rheological 'Forging'
Everyone who climbs on synrock holds are intrigued at how "comfortable" our shapes are.

"Extremely comfortable" - Climbing magazine, Sept 15, 2001.

We don't carve blocks of foam to make our shapes like the other hold companies. We use a completely different method. It's so different, I'm sort of reluctant to talk about it.

I will say that we mount a rheological solid on the wall, something that moves very, very slowly under hand pressure, and then form the hold shape through many hours of actual climbing "pressure."

With time, the shape slowly changes until it takes on the "perfect" form for the intended climbing move. Sort of like a baseball glove takes on the perfect form through use. Confused? Climb on them. Your hands and fingers will immediately understand. After all, they are the ones doing the climbing - not your eyes.

Rheological 'forging' of the Cruxmaster 2000. An evil, giant open-hand, first digit pad sloper.