Synrock Minicrag
3 pieces - $78. Ship wt 33 lbs.
The synrock hangboard system consists of 3 components: a center board, and two identical side boards. These bolt on to a piece of 3/4" plywood with T-nuts using socket cap screws. Because the back of synrock is rough, (unlike plastic) they lock into place with very little tightening and only 1 bolt is needed per section. We recommend you mount the components on as large a piece of plywood as you have space. An 18 inch high by 3 or 4 ft. wide piece is ideal. The T-nuts for the wings should be about 12 inches from the center T-nut.
The mini-crag pieces are also available individually.

Center board - $29 - 12 lbs

Side board - $27 - 12 lbs

Most hangboards have a standard set of slopers, jugs, small edges and pockets. The synrock board has more than its share. A sampling of holds are shown below:
One of the unique features of the synrock board are the holds on the sides of the board. We don't know why hangboards typically lack "side" holds, since they greatly increase the number of climbing "positions." With side holds, your board becomes a 3-dimensional climbing surface
When the side boards are rotated 180 degrees, a dozen different (and more difficult) holds appear
When the side boards are rotated 90 degrees you get more holds and some cool pinches
When you start rotating things at various angles, the hold possibilities become limitless.
Training on the Synrock "Mini-Crag" is fun because you have so many holds and so many different ways of using them. That's why we call this board the "Mini-Crag." With the addition of a few more T-nuts, you can increase the distance the side boards are apart for even more variety.

Many of the holds on the side board become more difficult as you rotate the board. This lets you set a hold so you can just barely use it. As you become stronger, you can rotate the board just a tad more so you are always being challenged. A magic marker can be used to show the degree of rotation so you can check your progress. We suggest you get a "T" handled allen key so you can quickly rotate components. Because the backs are rough, it only takes a quick turn to lock the board into place. Change the position in 5 seconds or less.