Synrock Jugs - extremely popular holds!

Comfortable, juggy and seriously inexpensive. These holds are legendary! No other holds compare with the comfort and price on these jugs. Climb all day on these super comfortable holds and save your skin!

Standard 3/8" socket cap screws provided free!

Sets are arranged so each fits in a Large USPS Flat Rate Box. This is the cheapest shipping possible and you cannot save on shipping by combining orders. Flat $17 shipping per Box.

52 Small Jug set - $99 - Very popular set. These work well on vertical to 45 degrees plus walls. Carabiner in photos for scale is 4 inches long.
Big Jugs - 12 fit in a Large flat rate box - very comfortable open handed jugs for easy climbs or steep walls up to 60 degrees overhanging.
12 Big Jugs set A - $59 12 Big Jugs set B - $59
12 Big Jugs set D - $59
12 Big Jugs set C - $59
Medium Roof holds - 25 fit in a large flat rate box. Very incut holds designed for use on steep 45-60 degree overhangng walls or horizontal Roofs.
25 Medium Roof set - $87
Big Roof holds - very large - only 10 holds fit in a Large flat rate box. These work great on any angle wall. Super for horizontal roofs.
Big Roof Set A - 10 holds - $59 Big Roof Set B - 10 holds - $59
Big Roof Set C - 10 holds - $59