The most realistic patch of modular wall in the WORLD!
.State college area YMCA

Since the Y was expanding their climbing wall, I suggested to Scott Magargee that they construct the next section with a double layer of plywood. This way, an almost unlimited number of insets can be easily placed through out the wall.

This is the first steep inset wall we've got to play on and I've gotton a chance to test out how these shapes do on a steep (40 degree) wall. Pocket pulling on a steep wall is FUN! I was surprised at how good some of the pinches between 2 closely spaced 3-inchers were.

Insets >>>
Inset wall #1 >>>>
This is Ieva Perkins getting over the roof.

When people first try this wall they are shocked at how difficult the climbing is. You can't use that "grab a hold and pull up" technique.

But after you learn to relax a find you can trust this amazing sandstone friction for hands and feet. (and this wall really requires using your feet).

This inset wall forces you to get a smooth relaxed rhythm going and soon you find you can run laps all over these holds.

Three, four and six inch hole saws were used to drill through the outer layer of plywood.

If a spacer stud were accidentaly encountered while drilling it was also drilled out with the hole saw.

Three and four inch insets on the steep 40 degree section were "paired" so they could be used as incut pinches.

To my delight I found the insets cantilevered a bit and would not fall out of their slots on the steep wall. This left both hands free to screw.