Synrock's new inset system is simple, inexpensive, and climbs better than any other wall system at any price! Every hold you bolt onto a wall is essentially a knob (always a good foothold). People who learn to climb on bolt-on holds in the gym are shocked to find that outdoor climbing is a whole different experience. Outdoor holds rarely stick out like bolt-on holds. Insets are far more realistic. Problem is, until now, inset systems were complicated, limited, and very expensive.

Our inset system is revolutionary: They screw-on, eliminating the central bolt hole which gets in the way of using the middle space of the hold. Because they screw-on, our insets are reversable! You get 2 holds for the price of one! The mounting system is very simple - no need to align a t-nut in a backing plate. And our pockets are realistic sandstone - not warm, greasy, hard to clean plastic.

Click for 3-inch inset sets
. Click to see our 4-inch sets.
3 MB Quicktime video of 4-inch insets in action
Click for 6- inch sets
The insets fit super snug and flush with the wall surface. Route setting is easy with just one hand. No need to hold the inset in place, they stay cantilevered in their holes (like a peg board) even on overhanging walls. You can even climb on them a bit before you screw them down.
Instead of bolting holds "onto" your climbing wall - this system converts part of the wall itself into delicious sandstone. I guarantee you will be blown away by the realism, fun and simplicity of this wall system.


Got a boring vertical wall? Convert it. A vertical wall with this system is NOT boring. For the simple 4 ft wide vertical wall shown in this 3 MB Quicktime video we threw up a random sample of 4-inch insets and the easiest route on the wall ended up being about 5.10b, tricky, fun and a little pumpy. Not at all like climbing a boring vertical modular bolt-on wall. Much more like outdoor climbing.