Holds sold individually
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(A) Giant Elephant Trunk $35 Limitations - if a heavy person lunges under roof and grabs the small end - this hold is a t-nut extractor. Suggest use only on very low roofs.or on a vertical wall (nose down). Ship wt. 10 lbs.

(B) Roof Shoe $9 Fun, under roof sloper. Ship wt. 5 lbs.

(C) Deflated Basketball $16 Ship wt. 8 lbs.

(D) Cruxmaster 2000 $24 Ship wt. 12 lbs.

(E) The Big Pill $24 Ship wt. 12 lbs.

(F) Pony Crusmaster $12 Scaled down version of the Cruxmaster but still big enough for two hands comfortably apart. Ship wt. 8 lbs.

(G) Rounded split cobble. $14. Ship wt. 8 lbs.

(H) Big Ballcluster. $12. Ship wt. 6 lbs.