5 holds per set

$32 per set.

Ship wt. 7 lbs per set.

Our 4-inch insets are the bread and butter of our inset line. With 30 different insets (60 different shapes) you have enough variety to create entire walls with nothing but inset holds. Avoid the "strong but dumb" bolt-on syndrome. Insets make you think.

Our 4 inchers are big enough to creat deep 3-4 finger pockets and slopers. Our insets are very easy to acid-etch. Just pour some dilute acid in the pocket, let sit for 5 minutes, wash off and you have Fontainebleau / Horse Pens 40 quality real sandstone texture in real pockets and slopers. Fun, fun, fun.

These sets are organized with the front side of set A best for vertical walls. The sets get more incut through set F which is suitable for steeper walls. The holds are reversable which gives you two holds for the price of one and greately reduces the weight of the hold.