Synrock Dual Texture holds.

Super realitic climbing! When you combine the sandstone real rock feel with sections of glacier polish slick texture you get the most realsitic outdoor-like climbing indoors! Gone are the typical thumb catch and step anywhere options that make bolt on holds NOT like outdoor climbing.

Standard 3/8" socket cap screws provided free!

Sets are arranged so each fits in a Large USPS Flat Rate Box. This is the cheapest shipping possible and you cannot save on shipping by combining orders. Flat $17 shipping per Box.

Dual-Tex Pinches

27 holds


Vertical to slightly overhanging walls

Dual-Tex Edges

29 holds


Vertical to mildly overhanging walls

Dual-Tex Slopers

25 holds


Vertical walls or feet for steeper walls

Dual-Tex Pockets

25 holds


Vertical walls to mildly overhanging walls