Synrock Cobble sets
Set A-B $39 each set. Shipping weight 15 lbs per set.
Cobbles are unique in that we base the shapes on actual real rock cobbles. All climb tested before choosing, mother nature ocasionaly gets a shape nearly perfect. Cobbles are comfortable, but have a naturaly unpredictable "feel" to them.
Cobble set A - 7 holds
Our Cobble A set recieved Climbing Magazines Editor's Choice Award. Our best set? Hardly, we sent them a diverse sampling of holds but the cobbles were the only complete "set" they had. Of course they are "amazingly" comfortable.
Cobble set B - 7 holds
NEW! Low-profile cobbles.

10 holds $50

These are shallower than our other cobbles and are best for vertical or slightly overhanging walls.

Low-profile cobbles. 10 holds