Adjustable chain wall construction
This adjustable wall is built under a car port. The wall angle can vary from vertical to a 60 degree overhang using chain.
Wall construction is very simple. Plywood is screwed directly to studs.

Normally for a wall where the frame is not directly attached to a solid suport, 2x6's are prefered for framework. In this case, 2x4's enable the wall to hinge easier because the wall section is thin like a door (not thick like a bank vault).

To keep the wall stiff without using 2x6's, the stud frame uses lots of 2x4 vertical studs (6 for a 6 foot wide wall).

Chain attached to eyebolts with chain link connectors is used to adjust the angle.
Carabiners can be used but 5/16" screw link connecters are cheaper.

Eyebolts are bolted on through holes drilled in studs

To maximize climbing height, plywood at the top of the wall is cut to allow passage for the car port roof studs as the wall angle is changed. A lot of work perhaps for 6 inches of climbing height.

The horizontal stud topping the center vertical studs is just below this cut.

Wall at a shallow angle. The bottom of the wall is not attached to a hinge or anything, just resting on ground against house wall. As long as the angle is overhanging, even just a little, the bottom will stay in place.
Same wall, just a lot steeper.